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Review: Nachtmystium – Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II by Jayson
July 14, 2010, 8:46 am
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I know I am a little late to review this one, but s’how it is. Now that I know that the rancor I predicted when this album was released has began to surface*, I know you all must be waiting for me to weigh in.

There is an anecdote in Get in the Van that resembles this album. Rollins is talking about how Black Flag played with Venom. He was listening to Cronos lead the crowd in a chant. Cronos was having them yell ‘Black fucking metal!’ Rollins thought it was ‘Black funky metal!’ and was suitably disappointed to find out it wasn’t. Addicts is black funky metal.

After a fairly trad black metal opening song, it doesn’t take long for the keyboards to show up and a dance-able groove to set in. It’s like sometime between releasing Assassins and heading back into the studio, the Nachtmystium crew got a hold of some Electric Six albums and maybe… some Rush albums or something. There is a distinct strain of classic metal and prog running through here too. The ‘futuristic robot sound’ processing shows up in the vocals on some tracks. And that being said, everyone always describes Nachtmystium as psychedelic black metal, which I’ve never heard on either of their albums. Oh, and “Blood Trance Fusion” really sounds like a Toxic Holocaust song, but only at certain parts. On top of that a lot of songs on Addicts also remind me of reviled Swedish invasion band Division of Laura Lee because there is a pop rock sensibility to them, and on the same, the guitars sound like DVLL.

So do I like this? Yeah, it’s not bad. I give the band a lot of points for doing something creative, I give them more for doing it in the face of the criticism they had to know they’d face for labeling this black metal. I subtract points for it not being a really focused sounding album. Carry the two and I’m back to not bad.

So what do I think of the whole Nachtmystium thing? Basically two things:

  • Wolvhammer aren’t going to get nearly this much shit, if any for crossing black metal with punk.
  • I can see not liking this but if you care about whether it’s black metal or not, stop caring.

Congratulations Nachtmystium, for becoming the Mastodon of black metal and putting out a pretty good album.

– Jayson

*At least Elise says that’s what’s happening.


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