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Friday by Jayson

I was busy with a lot of other things this week.

There’s a new Mackaper re-mix and video:

I missed the show in Pittsburgh, this is because I was busy with other things.

Someone on my Twitter feed posted a link to this gem, Publicists Lie. You should go read that if statements like “KORN is once again reinventing itself and doing something completely innovative, nine albums and two decades into its incredible career.” make you laugh as much as they make me laugh.

I am taking a Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing class this summer. I am using Hydra Head Records as my case study. They have really bad SEO.

Another thing from the Twitter stream. I Heart Noise posted a link to a free sampler from Hawk Moon Records. There is some great stuff here. I haven’t even listened to the whole thing but I am already really digging it. A lot of instrumental ambient, which is something we need more of.

I asked the GBC about the Kickstarter wax on their Facebook page in the ‘questions go here’ section. No answer yet.

In addition to being busy with other things, I am sick.

I got my Thou/City of Tower 12″. It is good, I didn’t expect otherwise though.

Taiga Records is putting out a t-shirt. Limited edition, either silkscreen with some embroidery or a discharge print. If someone wants to get me one, hook me up. Hell, if someone wants to talk about fabric printing techniques and embroidery, hit me up. I don’t have anyone around to talk shop with.

I’m not putting in <hr /> tags today. That’s how sick I feel.

Stay cool,



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