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New Releases by jason

This was a slow week for new releases, if the New Music Tipsheet is right. Like, there are usually about three times as many releases in a week. Anyway…

Ed Kowalczyk-Alive. Soul Whisper Records, 2010.

Get it? Alive? A-Live? Without Live?

Seriously, I’m over Live. I liked them around Throwing Copper, but then they just got too religious. Too didactic. It’s why I hate religious pop-rock. I’m not really interested in what he has to say anymore.

How to Destroy Angels-How to Destroy Angels EP. The Null Corporation, 2010.

This is pretty cheap, and you can download it for free on Trent’s website, so you can see how boring it is before you buy it.

Kottonmouth Kings Present: Johnny Richter-Laughing. Suburban Noize, 2010.

Isn’t this the third week in a row that the Juggalos have music coming out? They may not understand magnets, but they sure are prolific.

Al Green-Love Ritual. Fat Possum Records, 2010.

This is a collection of rare and unreleased stuff from 1968-1976. As Jayson pointed out recently, I’m not the biggest R&B/Soul fan, but I like everything I’ve heard from Al Green. I’d consider buying this.

Some observations:

This week is slow.

It’s frickin’ hot outside. Like, hot as balls.

Big Boi from OutKast put out an album today, but I’m more interested in Andre 3000’s stuff.

I seem to becoming more cynical each time I do one of these things. I’m becoming Mr. Grumpy.


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