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Friday. by Jayson

We were not interesting this week.

I don’t think it was just us either. Usually I save up a bunch of crap for the week planning to write this post, but looking at my browser tabs I see nothing.

Another week with no word from the GBC on the Kickstarter project that we funded. I’ma write them and ask if this is like a thing with a deadline or if I’m supposed to chill indefinitely here. I understand they need to press and assemble them, but that was over April 15th.


Lady Gaga did some work for Polaroid, or so we’re told. They unlimbered the old 20×24 and took this:


She also presided over a product development meeting, which I feel should mean a hell of weird Lady Gaga camera, but probably a pink and black one with her name on it. I’m done talking about this unless she convinces them to bring back Polaroid 600 or something equally noteworthy.

Because I have the ability to lose track of bands I love, but be up on shit I don’t even care about: My random browsing diligent investigative journalism has uncovered a genre of music called Witch House which has a record label, called Witch Trial, which has a cool logo made out of special characters ▲†‡∇‡†▲ and free downloads of stuff. It sounds like moody dubstep. If someone wants to write me and explain the finer points of this genre to me, do it. I am at least curious to know that much.

I wonder if Limited Pressing intended to be the number one internet portal for lame punk and hardcore stuff, or if that is just how it worked out.

There are new records in the genre of the black metal by Ghast and Bosse-de-Nage out on Flenser Records. The Ghast release is some limited edition wax, so you better get on that quick. I have listened to both and given them my 32 point inspection.

I have followed Grim Kim’s tweets on the Dark Castle, Zoroaster, Black Tusk tour and now there is a tour diary up. I’d really like to see this, but as it comes closer, my inner pussification becomes greater and I start thinking “Do I really want to drive to Pittsburgh?” I wish they were playing such as Akron, Ohio; but I guess it wouldn’t be a Summer Southern Burn Tour if they came up here. Monster Energy Drink needs to sponsor my drive out and back.

– Jayson


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