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New Releases by jason

Ke$ha-Animal. RCA, 2010. Vinyl.

Ke$ha’s Animal finally came out on vinyl. I know you were all holding out for that.

Motorhead-Ace of Spades. Sanctuary, 2010 (reissue). Picture disc vinyl.

I like vinyl, especially collectable vinyl, but I’ve always thought picture discs were kind of hokey. Still, I would buy a regular vinyl re-release of this any day.

Oasis-Time Flies…1994-2009. Sony, 2010.

I don’t know anyone who would drop $40.00 on Oasis in 2010. If you like Oasis that much, you probably have the CDs. Hell, you can probably get ALL their CDs for less that $40.00 in the bargain bin.

Black Sabbath-Paranoid. Eagle Rock Entertainment, 2010. (Blu-ray).

This kind of bothers me. This is the Blu-Ray edition of Paranoid, remastered for today’s high-end shit. The thing is, I don’t want to hear it remastered for the high-end shit. These songs were recorded with record players and 8-tracks in mind. Plus, it’s Sabbath…it’s supposed to sound a little sludgy.

Other observations:

A lot of “The final 24 hours of…” DVD’s came out. They are recordings and documentaries of the deaths of David Koresh, Anna Nicole Smith, and John Belushi, amongst others. Man, there are some morbid mothafuckas out there…

The Best of Papa Roach came out today. So you know it has that one song.

The tribute albums are back! There’s a Sleepytime Tunes – Lullaby Tribute To Tom Petty released today. Lullaby tribute? Seriously, who buys this stuff?



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