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Grim. by Jayson
June 29, 2010, 9:59 am
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So this happened. Matt actually sent me this link, saying that it was both kinda awesome and kinda funny.

I had a bad reaction to this really. I’m pretty distant from the source here. I didn’t listen to any of these bands until 1995, and that was after all of them had done their best stuff. Still, with the exception of Megadeth, these guys all did stuff I still like. I just don’t have that innate sense of worship the fans they made at their peak have; the thing that filters the objectivity out of anything these guys do.

My observations as follows:

This is exactly like the punk revival in 96. Music starts, has period of vibrancy and relevancy. Bands proliferate to the point of saturation. Music changes and many disband, some hang on by changing their sound or accepting diminished fan response. A decade passes. New bands playing same music revive interest, bands reunite, old bands change sound back. Everyone is quick to tour before the bubble bursts. Old fans bitch. Diehards line up. It is kind of embarrassing.

Motorhead never did this. Now Motorhead were pretty much never as popular as the Big Four, but they never had that embarrassing period of trying to ‘change with the times.’ We don’t have anything from Motorhead’s alternative/grunge years because they never did that.

I know this is the end of Metallica’s set, but you don’t do a thing like this without planning. The whole thing with drummers is like ‘Hi, I’m Lars Ulrich, World’s Most Important Drummer. Anyone who is not Lars Ulrich can bang on a snare.” They could have put kits on risers and wheeled them out.

If you still love these guys, it doesn’t matter. Look at that crowd.

– Jayson

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