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The Bargain Bin by jason

Well, it’s been a while, guys. Last week was Bargain Bin week, but we ran our Soul Khan interview instead. If you haven’t seen it, check it out; it’s a good interview.

Anyway, in today’s Bargain Bin, I’m plugging my data into J.A.Y.N.O.V.A., to To Eleven supercomputer, which uses the jaynova Bargain Bin algorithm to derive a score based on how much enjoyment I get from the album and how much I paid for the album ($5.00 or less). I just asked J.A.Y.N.O.V.A. if it was ready, and it says “bleep bloop gronk!” I’m not sure what that means. Let’s do this.

The To Eleven Institute of Music Research staff monitors J.A.Y.N.O.V.A...or does it monitor THEM???

Elliott Smith-Either/Or. Kill Rock Stars, 1997.

I was so glad to find this one in the Bargain Bin. I used to have a copy of Either/Or saved to my hard drive, but I switched computers and lost it. Musically, it bridges the gap between Smith’s early work (just him and a guitar) and later work (with full instrumentation.) I’ve only heard one of the later albums, and I wasn’t a fan, but this one’s great. “Speed Trials,” “Alameda,” and “Rose Parade” are the songs I think of when I think of this album, but really, there aren’t any bad songs here.

So what’s J.A.Y.N.O.V.A. say? Well, if I’m right, “Gronk Whirr Bing, Beep Beep” means that this one gets 9 out of 10. It’s going into heavy rotation at the To Eleven Institute of Music Research, Ghettoton branch.

The Murder City Devils-Empty Bottles Broken Hearts. Sub Pop, 1998.

The Murder City Devils make awesome rock n’ roll to fight to. I haven’t fought to it…I’m a lover, not a fighter, but if I were to get into a fight, “Left Hand Right Hand” would hopefully be playing. I freaking LOVE the creepy organ thing they’ve got going on a lot of the songs…it’s one of the defining things about their music. Again, there are no bad songs, though “Left Hand…,” “18 Wheels,” and “Johnny Thunders” are the ones that come to mind.

But yeah…if you like hard, fast rock that is not The Metal, you’ll like this. I like it. It’s really good.

I put the CD into J.A.Y.N.O.V.A., and my computer went out, got drunk, and slept with a hooker. I’m giving this an 8 out of 10.



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