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Friday by Jayson

Even less happened of note this week than happened the last time I was saying it was a week where not a lot happened.

Everyone is making some noise about the big four tour, so I will do my duty and add my 2 cents. I am tried of hearing about it, both from the ‘wouldn’t be awesome’ and the ‘I don’t care, oldppl” camps. I like some of the stuff Slayer, Metallica and Anthrax have done. I have always hated Megadeth. I have seen Slayer, Metallica and Anthrax. I am good on that now. I like thrash but it is not my #1 thing. If this becomes a thing, it’s going to be one of those big, outdoor, super expensive things that will happen locally on the hottest day of the year. More looking forward to Overkill in November.

I had thought about interviewing a band I like, but then I found some interviews with them online and though ‘the hell with it’ but it did kinda bring up an interesting thing. Except for Cosmo Lee, I haven’t read any long form interviews where anyone asks the band why they write about what they write about or what they’re trying to say. Like for instance, the band I thought about trying to interview is CELESTE. I’ve been listening to them for over a year and just accepting that I like their sound. The interviewer asks them what they’re singing about and the guy says ‘rape, incest, pedophilia, nihilism’ and then the next question just goes on to ask them about their distribution strategy. Like… I wanna know why they’re writing about that stuff; making a statement, trying to write “evil” lyrics, something else? Now these guys are singing in French, but it almost doesn’t matter. Since unintelligible vocals became the default for metal, voice is just another instrument for most bands. Maybe this is the banality of evil they talk about.

Speaking of interviews and what bands are about, can anyone send me a link to a really solid Thou interview? I’ve liked them for a long time without really knowing much about them. I got to reading their lyrics on their site. Do they have some kind of Greco-Roman symbolic classical anarchy based philosophy? That’s how I’m reading it. Help a brother out.

Debbie Gibson and Tiffany are going to appear in the movie “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.” Can’t wait.

Someone has made a “Lady Gag Gag” sex doll. I’d sue for royalties.

The head of Earache defended the thrash revival over at Metal Sucks. I commented too. I am sick of people talking about innovation and progress in music, like those are even the same, or necessary, or… yeah. I only care about the stuff I like. I can like innovation or a competent execution of something old. I am not that burned out yet. What I don’t get about the article is where the d’innovation’ lies. Portal do not sound innovative to me. They sound like death-grind. The Shining aren’t innovative, Yakuza have done jazz metal for 10 years. This smacks of ‘my taste is empirically better than yours.’ The only thing that counts is your relationship with music. You define that.

Hydra Head Records had a thing up to get sent an email when the Isis/Melvins split was ready. Today it is sold out. No email. There was never even a thing to pre-order it. What the hell? #firstworldproblems

Drive safe,

– Jayson


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