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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera by jason

Today, I’m looking at assholes who have posting songs in the last 24 hours. I do this to show:
1) There are a wealth of assholes posting songs every day, and
2) I don’t have to check to see if I posted them before!

Moving right along…

“Kids” by MGMT is a popular song for covers, apparently. Scouring YouTube, I’ve seen it played on guitar, ukulele, Banjo, and even accordion. Here’s Daniel Clark and a friend doing their version.

Another popular song to cover is “Everlong” by The Foo Fighters. Musician brisc294 says he tried of tuba cover of this one before he put up the guitar version. I want to see this one on the tuba! DO IT, brisc294!

YouTube user mckenzie818 posted this cover of the Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros song “Home.” The girl’s voice is amazing here, and the guy has kind of a Conor Oberst thing going on. Me likey.

And finally, here is Glenn Case and his friend Jsicka performing Poe’s “Trigger Happy Jack.” There’s a Tie Interceptor in the background…

As always, if you like these assholes, go to their YouTube pages and tell them where you heard them!


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