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Review: WinterRealm – Ouroboros by Jayson
June 23, 2010, 3:35 pm
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WinterRealm was one of the artists I featured in a early “Who wants to be my friend?” segment. Of course, I goofed on it, because Aetas lives in Florida. While that was dismissively superficial of me, I still enjoyed the music, and when he announced the release of a new album, I decided to get a copy.

Aetas is constantly making music and posting it on the WinterRealm MySpace page. I am glad to finally hear something that is mastered. Ouroboros is a concept album, and in the case of this being a black metal release, I found that pretty refreshing, suffering none of my previous burnout from those things. It’s seems complicated, each of the seasons representing part of a ritual, simultaneous symbolic and literal meanings for things.

A lot of whether you like this or not will depend on how you feel about the subgenre of atmospheric black metal. This is a one man project, Aetas does vocals, all the instrumentation and the mixing. It has some resemblance to similar projects, like Xasthur. I have always liked that stuff, so I ended up really enjoying Ouroboros.

Because packaging always counts, I have to make a note here. My tape was shipped in a black pouch with a printed scroll containing the lyrics. Very cool.

I hope Aetas can someday relocate to a place that has real winters.

Ouroboros is available as a limited edition tape release directly from the WinterRealm official site.

WinterRealm MySpace

– Jayson


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