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Review: Combat Astronomy – Earth Divided By Zero by Jayson

There is not a bigger image of the album cover anywhere on the whole internet.

I always though that there might be a bunch of hidden gems on, and really the only thing is taking the time to find them. I still haven’t. Earth Divided By Zero was a monthly pick for me. This year has already seen the release of a couple of jazz-metal albums. It also seems that every band has decided they are progressive this year, its already been kinda easy to tune that out any further mention of the word.

Combat Astronomy really are progressive jazz metal though, actually they’re doing… a lot of different stuff here, but it all works. In the mix are: choral style vocals, pounding rhythms a la Godflesh, electric piano and organ and jazz horns. It’s got pretty parts, parts with pummeling industrial-style percussion and guitar, parts that are straight up avant jazz; alternately dense and ambient.

This is one of those deals where I am instantly in love with it and want to get all the Combat Astronomy albums I can. This is a strong contender for my Top 10 this year.

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– Jayson

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