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If You Just Joined the Battle: The Soul Khan interview. by jason
June 18, 2010, 12:59 pm
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You may have noticed that we’ve thought Soul Khan, rap battler and hip-hop artist, is pretty frickin’ rad for a while now. If you haven’t watched this guy battle, look him up on You tube RIGHT NOW. Trust me.

So, we decided to interview him. Soul Khan took time out of his busy schedule of kicking ass and taking names in order to answer a few questions for To Eleven:

To Eleven: When did you first start freestyling?

Soul Khan: I started freestyling when I was like 13 or 14. I cannot recall precisely.

211: Who are your favorite hip-hop artists?

Khan: My favorite hip hop artists range from De La Soul to Pharoahe Monch to Sean Price to Slum Village to…well, a lot of folks, old and new.

211: Outside of hip-hop, who are your favorite artists?

Khan: My favorite non hip-hop artists are Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Sam Cooke, Bjork, Erykah Badu, Mahmoud Ahmed, Marvin Gaye, Fiona Apple, Lee Morgan…again, the list is pretty dense.

211: If you could battle one established, big-named hip-hop artist, living or dead, who would you battle, and why?

Khan: If they don’t battle actively, I wouldn’t want to battle them period. I’d prefer to make songs with folks.

211: I notice that you bash [Rapper] Conceited fairly often, even when you are battling other contenders (In the battle with QP; at the end of the battle with Aspire). What’s that all about?

Khan: I am over the whole Conceited thing. He said he was the best, I challenged him to verify that claim. I made all the noise I need to. I just beat his last battle in terms of views so I guess I can make more out of his name than he can by himself. People are going to get tired of him.

211: In your battle with Dirtbag Dan, you both seemed to be in a pretty good mood. Out of all your battles I’ve watched, that one seemed the least “serious.” Are you guys friends outside of the rap battle scene?

Khan: Most of us are friends or at least on amicable terms by the end of the day.

211: In any bout you’ve had, has you opponent EVER come at you WITHOUT resorting to Jewish cracks? Or is that pretty much all they’ve got?

Khan: Almost no opponent has ever in a recorded battle not resorted to Jewish jokes, and they lost anyway.

211: You’ve posted a couple of tracks on your blog. When does your album drop?

Khan: The album will drop two months after I get to finish writing and recording the last few tracks. That depends on a lot of factors. It’ll be dope, though.


Be sure to check out Soul Khan on his blog, MySpace, and YouTube!



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This interview only reinforces my opinion that Soul Khan is is up there with KRS-One for combined raw, confident wielding of skills and integrity of his game. Preach on, Khan.

Comment by ymatto

Khan is the man. Good read.

Comment by Flores

[…] hip-hop | Tags: Soul Khan If you read us regularly, you know that we love rapper Soul Khan. We even interviewed him back in June. Well, he’s about to drop his debut album, Presents: Soul Like […]

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