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Friday by Jayson
June 18, 2010, 9:04 am
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This was the week that went somewhere. It just evaporated.

Lady Gaga inspired this guy to make his video game less about dead 8 year olds and more about good clean violence against bad people with zero moral ambiguity.

Unsane are going to tour and play Scattered, Smothered and Covered in it’s entirety. Holy shit. And they’re playing Akron with Keelhaul. Even though they’re going to be at least an hour late getting on stage I am so stoked for this. Come on out. I’ll see you there.

I was going to mess with this Stereomood thing, but I never got around to it.

74,000 Riffs introduced me to Cloud Kicker’s music, which is awesome post-rock. Bonus points for being from Ohio. You can download all of their music for free.

The Process Church has always kind of intrigued me. Dwid from Integrity is supposed to know a lot about them and everyone who has ever talked to him as asked at some point, myself included. Some group of creeps is recording the Processiean hymns, never before heard outside the church. The samples on Invisible Oranges are mega creepy. I am so buying this.

I bought a CD through from Databloem Records. Here is a handy tip, if you order a CD from Europe, the shipping for one is the same as the shipping for five, so plan ahead.

Another week with no Lady Gaga Polaroid and no GBC wax.

The official color for the new Devo album is blue. Blue was my Devo Color.

– Jayson


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