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As promised. by Jayson
June 17, 2010, 10:00 am
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You are a man. A man who is a musician.

You are shirtless on MySpace.

You have a song. It is not a bad song, but perhaps it is not a song that will stand out against all the other songs out there.

You make a video for it, this video:

Now it stands out.

There will be a post where I review an electronic dingus for copying tapes to your computer later, as if you even care at this point.

– Jayson


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And that, folks, is *marketing*.

I should take the lesson and accompany all my endeavors with lipstick lesbians.

Comment by ymatto


Comment by Willonious


Comment by Beth

Luke 4:12
I’m trying to figure out if I could at all make out like that with someone I am not especially attracted to for the purpose of monies

I mean, they’ve even got the little things down

stroking the cheek or staring, little details and whatnot

it’s all very realistic and affectionate

until they stop on cue at the end

which is unbelievably disorienting

I didn’t even listen to the music, warned it was some horseshit beforehand

the point is the SPECTACLE nature of the video

the NOTICE ME nature

don’t like the left girl’s haircut, as a note. other than that, it’s all super arousing. nicely lit, well filmed, properly executed, I think. just so fucking weird, though. I’m wondering if the guy(s) (and lady(s)?) behind all this thought about these things that I’m thinking about, or if they just thought it would be hot or funny

Dana 4:16

Luke 4:16
or if they were all REALLY hard up for money.

Dana 4:18

they wanted that to be hot

Luke 4:19
yeah, I know, but did they think anything else through is my question

Dana 4:19
what do you mean?

Luke 4:20
as in, did they just make it and think “heheh, this is hot. and it’s gonna sell.”

Dana 4:20
or what?

Luke 4:21
or did they actually say “okay, we’ll actually cue you to stop, try to look a little disaffected, it’ll be very disorienting and possibly provide an existential crisis to the viewers. it’s a meta-commentary.”

Dana 4:22
i dont know

Luke 4:22
me neither, that’s all.

Dana 4:23
i feel like anyone who is going to pay two women to sit there during their music video making out probably isnt that deep.


maybe that’s my feminist side coming out…

Luke 4:24
feminism is rational in and of itself, really, it’s just that I guess I’ve met enough insane feminists to be super wary of it, y’know?

Dana 4:24

Comment by Devin (Luke)

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