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Any Asshole with a Piano and a Camera by jason

Pianos* are cool. Anyone who tells you different is wrong. I actually had a friend once tell me that he hated the sound a piano made, and it was just noise. He now listens to almost nothing but jam bands, so his opinion doesn’t count for much.

Anyway, this week’s assholes are playing pianos and keyboards, and people are watching them play pianos and keyboards. Take THAT, Mr. Jam Band!

Here’s vkgoeswild covering System of a Down’s “Toxicity.” I like the original version, but hearing it on the piano adds a certain sadness to it. Pianos are good for that.

Here’s evilshowerhead covering Coldplay’s clocks. I picked this cover out of the multitudes because
1)It’s damn good.
2)evilshowerhead is a cool screen name.

And finally, here’s an 11-year-old named Eric covering Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” I’m posting this for some so-called friends who really hate me and insist on singing my this song at karaoke.

And that’s all the assholes (or, I guess in Eric’s case, buttholes) we have for today. As always, if you like these guys, go to their You Tube pages and promote the hell out of us tell them where you saw them!


*Pianos are cooler than keyboards, but for the sake of this post, I’m using the term interchangeably.


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