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Serious Business Time by Jayson

I read this Watain interview over at Invisible Oranges. After I recovered, I had one of those ‘I hate metal’ moments.

I actually like Watain’s sound, but reading that interview had the same effect on me as talking to some cute girl and having her tell me her fav band is Kottonmouth Kings.*

There is a blog I really like called Stuff White People Like. You might be able to guess what it’s about. It’s really funny, you should read it. The thing I really like about it, besides being really funny is that there is a serious undercurrent to it. Which is to say, in the first world, white people have built up these very secure lives and now need to form bands to sing about destroying their safe societies because they’re an illusion. OK, that one is mine. SWPL is more about how white people have built up these very secure lives and now need to search for authenticity because their societies are an illusion boring, usually by wearing scarves and going to the farmers market. This stands in contrast to many areas in the third world where non-white people likely wish they had the wealth and stability of the first world and probably think we’re all jerks, but are too polite to say so.

So the thing is, while there is plenty of legitimate debate about the role of government in society, it is continually, but sadly hilarious to hear first worlders in bands call for the destruction of law and civilization. They have that, go to Somalia. Go to Kyrgyzstan right now, it’s happening. Talk about #firstworldproblems

This is my reoccurring theme with black metal bands. Play more, talk less.

– Jayson

*This happened.


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