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Review: Super Galactic Expansive – Supersensible Science by ymatto
June 15, 2010, 3:14 pm
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So my guilty daily indulgence these days is glitch-hop records.  I just turn Pandora loose with Glitch Mob and Eskmo and I get down to business. One day, as the story goes, I heard a song there by Kilowatts and it was good.  I ran that lead to ground and found out this guy, Jamie Watts, has been quietly making completely solid electronic music for years as Kilowatt, as well as exploring other avenues in various collaboration projects. I’ve been sleeping.

One of these projects, working with Anand Petigara on MC duties, is Super Galactic Expansive, and I’m going to boldly state that these dudes have something. It’s been a while since I’ve heard an album where I can hit play on any track and receive this kind of head-nodding mental stimulation. Take the funkier “Tip-Hop” end of Tipper’s dense glitchy production, add a little Plaid-like melodic sensibility, and then lay on some vocals that Jayson pointed out heavily displays Deltron3030-like flow — this is not a bad thing in the least.

King James is an outstanding example of the thing, with a lot going on, but nothing that’s not in the service of a tight tight rhythm and flow — this music has momentum.

The album is available free of charge on, but the dudes in question have just gotten in CDs and I must encourage you to support this enterprise because I want some more. Email them at and they’ll give you a paypal address to use (nice actually being able to give my money entirely to the people making it happen for once).

– Matt


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