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New Releases by jason

Mates of State-Crushes. MOS Records / Constant Artists, Inc., 2010.

This is a digital-only release. I want this. Bad. I was hoping to get in on Amie Street and snag it for a dollar, but it had already gone up to $4.50 when I checked, and now it’s maxed out at $5.00. Anywho, it’s an album of covers. I like Mates of State. I like covers. I want to hear them play Belle & Sebastian’s “Sleep the Clock Around.” I’ll be getting this when I get more money.

Bebe Buell-Sugar. A2Z/Musesque, 2010.

Bebe Buell, AKA Liv Tyler’s mum, has an album out today. I’ve never heard her music; I don’t know if it’s any good. However, I do have the 1974 issue of Playboy where she was the centerfold. It also has a feature of girls in glasses and an interview with Hunter S. Thompson. Great issue.

Devo-Something for Everyone. Warner Bros., 2010.

Devo are back. You should care.

We Are Scientists-Barbara. Red General Catalog, 2010.

I missed the last album these guys did, but I used to work out to their With Love and Squalor album, and it was pretty awesome. I’d like to give this one a listen to see if they are still getting it done.

The Like-Release Me. Downtown Records, 2010.

I know absolutely nothing about this band, but THAT is a great cover.

Some observations:
Lots of re-issues from T-Rex and The Stooges. Is Glam in again?

The Lilith 2010 album came out today. “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha is on it. So, point Feminism, I guess.

Seriously, Amie Street is the shit.



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