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A boring list: Bands I care about, but no one else does. by Jayson
June 15, 2010, 9:40 am
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The Toadies
Huh? You know, if you go look The Toadies up in Wikipedia they’re described as a grunge/post-grunge band, which shows that whoever wrote that never actually listened to them. I always heard the Toadies as always having this sort of crazed, swamp rock thing going on. Like CCR if John Fogerty sounded completely different, was psychotic and the band played a lot faster. Their whole first album was solid hits but all anyone remembers that Possum Kingdom video right? Their second was good too, lots of that screwed up southern religious stuff that only folks from below the Mason-Dixon can write. They broke up after the second album and are back together as a three piece. I didn’t find out about that until way after they toured though.
Why? You know, back in 96 they caught my attention pretty much because they didn’t sound like anything else going at the time, I think that’s why they still sound so good to me today.

Huh? This is another one you know. Going the distance. Maybe even “Never There?” You know Cake, you know them.
Why? The Distance was a really strong single, so I went out and got that and found out Cake were a great band. There is a thing where like… I was a boy and became a man, or something. Like some transition happened at some point where literal angst and complaining in music became a thing for me, a bad thing; and things like Cake covering “Sad Songs & Waltzes” sounded like total genius. That was a big thing for me, their country influences, you could tell these guys were really musically literate. I also think they wrote actually brilliant lyrics. Mr. Mastodon Farm, Satan is my Motor, Alpha Beta Parking Lot, all genius.

Huh? Right, this is not any of those other bands. This is some of the most awesomely brutal sludge doom ever recorded. I seriously can’t remember how I heard of these guys.
Why? Because they’re some of the most awesomely brutal sludge doom ever recorded. If you like anything that could be labeled “down-tempo” you must check this out. Crushing. Burtal. Bleak. Etc. True Doom, 43rd Parallel.

Huh? My favorite band.
Why? They’re geniuses. Seriously. I ordered Mantrapping for Sport and Profit because I liked the cover art. By the time I had finished listening to “Blizzards, Buzzards, Bastards,” I was totally sold. These guys were ahead of their time, I think if that album hit today instead of 8 years ago, It would be huuuuuuuge. Stoner rock is back in. Hell, these guys invented pirate metal way before Alestorm or Swashbuckle. But they didn’t, they put out 5 extremely strong LPs, 4 EPs, a special EP for Euros an a live album. Now they’re on indefinite hiatus, goddammit. NEW HAMPSHIRE’S ALRIGHT IF YOU LIKE FIGHTING!

RZA as Bobby Digital
Huh? Yeah, while ODB, Meth, Red and Ghostface had the “hit” solo albums from the Wu, The RZA put out two albums of original rhymes as Bobby Digital.
Why? Because these are the shit, only like… I am the only person to think so. I have always got the impression that these were kind universally panned and like, maybe The RZA, me and 8 other people are the only ones in North America that have them. These are the shit though, they’re solid. “Mantis” on The RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo is awesome. RZA keeps going ‘chk-chk-chk’ on all the tracks. That’s the sound that ninja stars make. How can you not love that?

– Jayson

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