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An Open Letter to Pitchfork by jason
June 12, 2010, 12:03 pm
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Dear Pitchfork:

I understand. Really, I do. MIA is kind of a trainwreck. She has ties to a group that is either a freedom fighting group or a terrorist organization, depending on who you ask. She is very vocal about her opinions. She recently posted the phone number of a journalist she felt misrepresented her in an interview. Fascinating stuff, for sure.

Here’s the thing…when you post these stories every day, and when you quote other people talking about how crazy she is, you are basically turning yourself into the National Inquirer of music journalism, and that is not journalism at all.

So, instead of going on about how contraversial MIA’s new album’s cover is (it really isn’t), or posting every time she scratches her ass, why don’t you wait until there is real news. I’m really kind of tired of hearing about her.



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