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Who wants to be my friend? by Jayson

This week, it’s everyone.

Tokyo Flash Productions

This is some soul/light jazz? That kinda thing? A little too mellow for me for the most part. I really liked A Night In Tunisa though. The lady that’s signing was great. I am more of an old school soul fan, but this could be good.
Friend: Sure
Buy: Depends on what direction the record goes in.

The Xiphoid Process

Hey I know what that is. It’s this bone in the chest that you can really easily break off and kill someone with if you don’t know how to do CPR the proper way. The band lays down some sludgy riffs and that I can fully get behind; I like the death/doom influences a lot. The only thing, and this is just me, is that I am currently slightly burnt on death growl. This is good though. Cheeseburger Effect is the thing here.
Friend: Yes
Buy: I could see that happening.


It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Nightwish and Epica. You don’t get to really hear that many bands of that stripe that have a vocalist of that class and/or don’t suffer from an excess of Other Guy Phenomenon. Deva don’t have either of those problems. In fact, I may love this. I even love the modern sound of the keyboards (opposed to the harpsichord sound everyone else uses). The only criticism I have is of the band photo. Beatrice and Myriam are looking beautiful in their dresses, Friedrik and Hyblos look like rockers, but drummer Thomas is rockin’ jeans and a baseball cap.
Friend: Hell yes.
Buy: For certain.


She Screams Remedy
Huh… ok, TrevorSSR followed us on Twitter. Judging by the band photos I thought I was going to get some solid some-bros-and-a-cutie-core, some pop punk that I was totally ready to get down on. SSR’s sound is more of a emotional post-hardcore thing in the vein of Thrice and Thursday. Ok. Not what I was expecting, but they do a solid job of it. I got into it.

Follow Back: Sure
Buy: Maybe

Dommin is the voice of the broken-hearted.

Yeah. This is one of those things. In blogging, I know that I am supposed to rip bands apart and bust them in down in their component pieces. I always feel overly dicky about doing that. The reason is that like… I feel like implies a moral judgment on my part, and I admire the courage it takes to put your work out in front of the world. I really feel like I only heap scorn and derision on stuff that really actually sucks (Hi Shiragirl!), not stuff that is done well but I don’t like it. Dommin is music for creepy, sad teenagers. That is my take. Dudes are good. They are doing a good job at making music that is completely not for me, but someone else will totally love. I wish them the best of luck.
Follow back: I dunno, maybe.
Buy: No.

– Jayson


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I love the picture of Thomas of Deva. It’s like the other bandies were like “dude, okay, you can keep the hat, but could you at least like put on a black shirt or something for the picture?”

Comment by ymatto

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