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Friday by Jayson

Ozzy announced this week that he wants to donate his body to science. I hope that happens and they can figure out why he was always more interested in telling the crowd to clap than singing a damn song from start to finish. Time was I thought he was just too weak to keep singing. I saw him at Ozzfest 99 and 2000 and he said ‘Let me see your fucking hands!’ at roughly 30 second intervals. I was pretty sure they were hold him on his feet with wires at 2000. I’ve seen some older footage (which I have totally failed to find now) that shows him doing it in the day too. The “Prince of Darkness” loves clapping more than anything.

Lady Gaga premiered a new video. A couple observations: A 2 minute intro is too long for literally anyone. It’s not even excess at this point, it’s just annoying.

About a hozillion metal albums came out this week and I was moderately interested at best. I would like to pick up the new Yakuza and Nachtmystium. This thing Chris Colgan wrote:

This album’s success will propel Nachtmystium into the worldwide spotlight and earn them a lot of new recognition, which they rightly deserve.

Made me think “At which point they’ll be on the cover of Decibel twice and then people will start bitching about how they’re sick of Nachtmystium, how they’re hipster black metal and massively overrated.” Just like what happened with Mastodon and Baroness. Let’s all do our part and keep metal unpopular. Remember, smelling is a small price to pay to keep the scene true. I fact, I have been told this has already begun to happen.*

Do you think about value when you buy music? Jason does the bargain bin, but I usually don’t think like that. After complaining about being broke/out of work/unmarried to a rich woman for the last few weeks I got paid for some freelance work. The sudden infusion of cash was like a sugar high and I had to go buy some music that I had wanted for a while. Going through my list though, I stopped at the Monolith/Voyager split. $18.99 plus shipping seems like a ton of money for 6 tracks. Now, I know there are some albums out there that are full lengths and have one or two tracks. I have a lot of those. In fact, I just ordered one from the Netherlands. I like Monolith, I like Voyager, but clicking add to cart for their new jam just seemed like a bad deal to me. Any thoughts? Is it awesome enough to get anyway? Am I being cheap?

Black Mountain, who I love, have a new track from their upcoming album available for download. It’s not bad, but it’s not my new favorite Black Mountain song either.

I will review the stuff I bought when it gets here/I have opinions on it. I know you can barely contain yourselves.

There is still no word on the GBC single. It’s been what? A month and a half I think. I am not like ‘they’re not going to do send them out’ but I am bringing it up, know what I’m saying?

I want this.


– Jayson


*Both things. Yes.


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