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Review: Alexandre Navarro – Arcane by ymatto
June 9, 2010, 9:52 am
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My occasional contribution as guest reviewer here means I get to only review stuff that I enjoy — mostly stuff that I enjoy enough to want to tell people about it.  The SEM label, which Jayson pointed me at because he knows his shit, does the kind of thing I want to enjoy:  music, artwork, even a website that speak to a certain particular aesthetic sensibility. But stuff like this can also go very wrong if it’s all concept, but the product is not dope.

Arcane, however, is excellent. It sits very comfortably at the intersection of electronic, spacey post-rock, and Eno-style ambient. Guitar melodies, light but not lite, float and loop with lazy vibrato above just the right mix of electronic textures and incredibly subtle organic samples. It is high ambience, but not in the least monotonous or thin.  You get tracks that involve something like a block flute, or surf crashing on a beach, but it never comes off as gratuitous, like a CD you’d see at Brookstone with a title like “Mystiq Emotions vol. VII”.

It is a thinking man’s music for contemplation.

Alexandre Navarro – Arcane available as a download on the SEM Label.

– Matt


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