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Review: Black Tusk – Taste the Sin by Jayson
June 8, 2010, 8:23 am
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So, there is NYC and everywhere else, this is a thing. When you read a lot of metal blogs, you realize that most of the popular ones are in NYC and whatever is going on there gets written about and like… yeah. Some subculture from some Brooklyn neighborhood likes this band and other bands from Savannah, GA and/or their ilk and it is ruining metal.

So here in everywhere else where I sit and write this, I can firmly say “that don’t confront me.” I don’t care about what one obnoxious group of folks in one part of one admittedly great city is ruining or not. That being said, the biggest crime Black Tusk (and the “Savannah scene” – Kylesa and Baroness) have committed is being accessible.

I like this record a lot. It’s got that sound that I’ve previously described as heavy rock, rather than being metal, a thing that southerners do extremely extremely well. That’s what gives Black Tusk’s sound that damn accessibility. There are some things in this life I just like. There is a professional reviewer deducting points for lack of innovation, at the other end of that spectrum there is me and the cheeseburger effect. I like cheeseburgers. I like the gourmet one’s at Kuma’s Corner. I like McDonald’s ones. I like heavy rock. I like Black Tusk because they do what they’re doing very well. (Way more Kuma’s than McDonald’s.) Give me another cheeseburger. I’m happy.

Listening to Taste the Sin makes me wish I had a Camaro and a girl that wears bikini tops for shirts. In my perfect world, rural gentlemen would put the Skynyrd albums up for a bit and get on board with the new southern heavy rock.

Black Tusk -Taste the Sin out now on Relapse.

– Jayson


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