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Mash Up Monday: Wait What – The Notorious XX by Jayson
June 7, 2010, 9:30 am
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We’re at a point where we have something like a metric ton of Jay-Z based mash ups. That is cool. I like them, The Grey Album sort of set Jay-Z as a default standard and I’m cool with that, but it’s nice to see someone branching out.

Wait What brings us The Notorious XX, Biggie vs. The XX. This ranks up there with the other great mash up albums of our time. I had no idea at all who The XX were before hearing this, they’re dark, kinda languid pop. They’re actually pretty good. This mix changes the source material (I always consider the rap track the primary source on mash ups, is that weird or is that proper?) and make Biggie’s “I am the greatest!” style raps much darker and more hollow feeling. Like there’s an element of sadness that The XX brings. It’s really compelling. I actually didn’t like Biggie that much in the day. I’ve softened on him and gangsta rap in general a lot over the years, but this album makes me see him in a new light. Hell of impressive for a debut.

You can listen to the whole thing on Soundcloud here, which is a good thing to do and I think you should; but it kinda brings me to another thing.

The Man has come down on Wait What. This album was available for download and now it’s not. I think that this is bunk. Honestly a lot of these mash ups are better than the original mixes. Sorry rappers (lookin’ at you Jay-Z)  but that is how it is. Dangermouse, Max Tannone, FreshNerd or Wait What are taking this shit out new doors and it’s working really well. Record labels are still hemorrhaging money. Maybe getting some of these DJ’s to do this stuff for actual money and selling it to the actual public would make them some actual money. Everyone could win then. All of the mash up albums we’ve featured here are things I would pay for. It’s like… the labels should not worry about mash ups as stealing. It’s a different vector for their artists music to get out there and introduces us to new artists (the DJ’s) to follow. If people ain’t pay for music, then they ain’t pay for music. A big chunk of us will pay for stuff they like though. That and now I’ve heard of The XX and might buy some of their music. That could happen again.

Wait What official site.
Wait What Facebook.

The XX MySpace.


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