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Friday by Jayson

A short week, and not one I particularly liked.

Phil sending me that Rollins video and a couple other things have warmed my heart again to punk. I never disliked punk music, but I dislike punks arguing about it, just like I hate talking about what’s metal or not.


I feel like it is my obligation to talk about Portal. Everyone saw them in NYC and had Opinions. Most people seem to think they are geniuses. I am going to put them in the same category as At the Drive In and Radiohead, both of whose genius still escapes me. Portal aren’t bad… but my mind is not blown.You tell me, what am I missing? I really do not get people calling them doom metal, they sound like technical death metal to me.


Lady Gaga is going to have totally co-opted the singer’s look by fall. I’m calling it here, you just wait. Her ass and that clock head mask will be a completely unstoppable combination.

This may be some jive-ass, blasphemous nonsense, but as much as I have been enjoying releases from Earjerk and Taiga records, I really, really, really wish I had some digital download codes up in. I know I praised the Experience last week and this statement arguably compromises the Experience, but still.


Elise said a thing this week over here that is my new favorite statement (talkin’ ’bout Portal no less):


Evil needs refreshment!

With Monster Energy drink sponsoring the current wave of Best Buy Metal tours, they need to get on that. I’m sure she’d license it to ’em.

Uzala demo cover


The Uzala demo is really good. I really like Darcy Nutt’s voice. They have a kind of half traditional/half psychedelic doom sound that really appeals to me. I said I should stop comparing bands to other bands in reviews, but I can’t stop myself. Uzala have the fuzziness of Dead Meadow with vocals that are as good as or better than The Devil’s Blood. That’s real. The only negative to this 4-song gem is track 3 where Chadremains is singing, we have a little bit of the other guy phenomenon going on. No offense, but Darcy’s vocals are what makes this band stand out. There are many bands that have a dude doing evil vocals in every kind of metal. I cannot wait for basically everything else this band will ever do though, this is band/album of the year stuff here, my friends.

I bought some CDs. I will probably have something to say about them when they get here.


There is one single tour I am stoked for coming hear here, where near is Pittsburgh. May or may not go. I am bad with stuff like that.





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Word on the Taiga downloads. Please? I totally support unique releases, but I’d really like to listen to your music in 21st century ways. It’s a sign of love, guys. Also I haven’t had a way to listen to non-CD physical formats in a couple years, realizing this makes me a philistine.

Comment by ymatto

Taiga and Earjerk for that matter, yeah. This is sort of a general plea to anybody releasing things on cassette, vinyl, minidisc, what have you: it’s art, but it’s also music, and before you get what you want, gotta give the people what they need.

Comment by ymatto

Haha. Love that Glumorphunnel vid, however the fuck you spell it. Sadly, when I saw them live, he wasn’t wearing the clock:

Comment by thejamminjabber

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