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Review: Rain Drinkers – The Healing Begins NOW by Jayson
June 3, 2010, 9:14 am
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This is real good stuff, but it was a mixed bag in terms of the songs I liked more than others. Tracks like The Next Phase have the warm hum I so deeply love. The more disturbing stuff was… well a lot more disturbing; weirdly filtered vocals and dark, echoey sounds. I am having kind of a bad life week and disturbing just wasn’t what I was having tonight. Ascension NOW was back to my liking more, with the strings. Even sad strings sound beautiful to me.

This is another instrumental/ambient album that has a strong narrative quality, which is good considering the spiritual overtones and gospel label the band has self-applied.

Rain Drinkers – The Healing Beings NOW is available on Earjerk Records

Rain Drinkers MySpace

– Jayson


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