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Friday by Jayson

Despite the fact that I am housebound all day barely scratching by on some freelance, I am still stoked for the weekend.

The best thing I have seen all week was this Ballad of GI Joe video which I cannot show you here because it cannot be embedded. I am sure there is a good reason why Funny or Die has disabled embedding on YouTube. I bet it involves lawyers. I think this is so great that I will just post a plain link to it. It has an all-star cast. It is also a good touchstone for why I’m single.

There is a band called Lesbian. It is of course composed entirely of dudes. That is only logical. They are pretty good though. I am diggin’ it.I would buy their CD. Lesbian. Ha.


I will get Getting Uzala’s demo and WinterRealm’s new tape. They were both reasonably priced. Expect reviews of those when they come.


Two musical entities want to be my friend this week.


Rap/Hip Hop/R&B

I’m just not into it. Canned beats that sound badly canned. Halting flow. This is an actual style I think, not just like not being ready for the big leagues. I can’t recommend this.

Friend: No
Buy: No

Visit Saturn, Ride Sandworms!

I will describe this to you. Hardcore/death metal style vocals, 8 bit-game style keyboards, auto-tuned vocals, terrifying samples of people reading the Marquis de Sade and the like. I will give this dude huge props for coming up with something that is really an original sound. I also appreciate the message: “something different. . . if you don’t like it, all you have to do is click deny, thanks. ^_^” I… don’t know if I can get into this really. It is unique but I am not sure I’m into it, like… honestly the Marquis de Sade is too much for me. I like to keep it light. Like the forces of darkness destroying the world. Stuff like that. Great name though, really great.

Friend: Doubt it
Buy: No

I have decided I don’t like concept albums. They razz me. More on this to come.


I’m not sure if this is some werewolf like conversion, but I have come around to appreciate vinyl. I like the ritual of it. Putting the record on. I have to turn a knob, manually position the tone arm and hit a switch. There is something satisfying about that. Like the mechanical interface. It makes you feel like you’re doing something. I think I might be getting it now.


I’ll be doing more Earjerk Records reviews next week.


[Band that is uncool to like] is cooler than [band that is cool to like].


Here is an example of how my mind is different than Jason’s:


11:52:47 PM) Jason: You will hate this because it is a white guy singing and trying to be funny, but I think it’s a good song:
(11:52:49 PM)
(11:53:33 PM)
Jayson: Sigh….
(11:53:38 PM)J
ayson: you know what my issue here is?
(11:53:36 PM)
Jason: Huh?
(11:54:10 PM)
Jayson: I click the link, the shit comes up and I see Skullcrusher Mountain and I’m like no
(11:54:20 PM) J
ayson: Because Skullcrusher Mountain sounds awesome.
(11:55:10 PM) Jayson: And I don’t want to see some dork sing. I want to start a stoner rock band and write some song around some MAMMOTH RIFF, and when I play it live I can go THIS NEXT ONE IS SKULLCRUSHER MOUNTAIN
(11:57:57 PM)J
ayson: And I don’t want to hear the goofy nerd song about it.

Did you watch the GI Joe thing? Juliane Moore is Scarlett, fuckin’ Rollins is Duke. It’s better than the movie they just made. Go watch it.


Have a good weekend.

– Jayson


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Damn, that *was* Vinnie Jones as Destro. And Thirteen as Baroness. I would rather watch this 22 times than watch the GI Joe movie.

Comment by ymatto

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