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Free Music Roundup by Jayson

I keep hearing that things are picking up a bit and that consumer confidence is at a two year high. It hasn’t trickled down to me yet. I am still kicking it unemployed style. Thankfully there is plenty of free music to be had. Here’s a little something for everyone.

The Futurebirds- Futurebirds EP
This is some fine country-psychedelia. It’s in all likelihood bunk to describe a band’s sound and I should probably stop doing it, but these guys sound just hell of like My Morning Jacket. Even while lyrically dark, this stuff makes me smile. It’s a fantastic warm sound. Just enter zero dollars in and you can download it.

Miseries – Razormaze
Miseries describe themselves as a thrash/speed metal outfit. There is also an undercurrent of hard rock to their sound, which  kinda reminds me of some old school Anthrax when Scott Ian would shout something in the chorus. 3 songs are yours for nothing on their Bandcamp site.

a beautiful lotus – yellow
There is just a ton of electronic stuff by abl free to download over at robo! robotica. The is part of the color series which also includes black and blue, sequentially. This is the one I’m featuring because it’s the one I’m the most into. black and blue are much more harsh and while they’re good, that is not what I am feeling right now.

Dark Metamorphosis – Are You Morbid Yet?, Symphonic Leprosy, Sometimes The Come Back
Now that Xasthur has finished, we’re all looking for another one man black metal outfit to get into. My suggestion is Dark Metamorphosis. The one man black metal sound isn’t for everyone, but really, what is? Three free EPs are current up and Count Draclecarde will even send you a high audio quality version of anything on his playlist if you write him and ask. He will put up demos and stuff too from time to time. I’ve got a rough cut of The Black Masquerade there. You have to be his MySpace friend to download his stuff, but it’s not like that is a big deal.

– Jayson


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