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My New Hero. by jason

So, Jayson and I stayed up on line all night last night watching rap battles. I like a good rap battle, myself…I used to watch whatever that show was on MTV that came on right after the success of 8 Mile. Some of the guys on that show were pretty impressive, but not as impressive as Soul Khan.

Here’s Soul Khan battling QP of the S.O.N.S. The video is almost 20 minutes long, but it’s worth it. Trust me.

He just slays QP, although Q has some good word play.

Even while they are trying to look hard, you can see them crack a smile at each other’s rhymes. They pretend to hate each other, but you can see the respect.

That’s the cool thing about these battles, too…you can tell that, although they say some really mean shit to each other when they are battling, they respect each other.

Well, Khan respects everyone but Conceited.

Here he is issuing a challenge to Dumbfounded and Conceited. The latter appears to be his arch-enemy.

There might be some respect there, but it’s awesomely condescending.

I also liked this one because you can tell that Dirtbag Dan and Soul Khan really respect each other. This is all business, nothing personal.

Here’s Soul Khan in Canada, battling Aspire. Aspire makes a point to bring up Khan’s use of props and his battle with Dan. Watch until the end, when Khan finds another opportunity to trash talk Conceited.

Both of those guys brought it, but Soul Khan is just the shit.

After watching these, Jayson said, “I think as a like, genie gives me three wishes wish, I would wish that I could be good enough at battle rapping that I could beat Soul Khan without a single Jewish joke. Because that would mean I am the most powerful rapper in the lands.”

So, yeah. Watching this guy is more entertaining than any of the hip-hop in the radio today. I seriously spent hours last night watching him, I subscribed to his YouTube page, and I now read his blog. I want to be Soul Khan when I grow up.



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After watching a bunch of these, the other thing I’d like to see is a gay dude show up and bring the pain, just so all the gay jokes fall flat. That’s like 2/3 of a lot of these guys’ material.

Comment by ymatto

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