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Monday. by Jayson

I do this blog on kind of a day by day basis. I want you all to have a thing to read when you get up each and every (work) day but some of the time I am just a loss.

Here we go.

The Revolver Golden Gods award show was this weekend. I didn’t know about it. I was too busy watching someone play video games. Maybe I would have turned it on if I knew. The whole thing sort of “revolves” around an axis of music I really don’t like too much. People who still care about Ozzy. People who think Lamb of God and Shadow’s Fall invented music in the 90s. What I have called Best Buy metal. Checking it out online, it looks like VH-1 cut the what have you off after the time allotment was up and Avenged Sevenfold’s fans (seriously? in 2010?) are just hell of mad because the bros were in the middle of their acceptance speech for .*


I am at a loss for what to Tweet sometimes too. I am working on a series of generic Tweets that I can use for any occasion. Here are a few of the early prototypes:

  1. [Band considered not truly [genre]] is more [genre] than [band widely considered to typify [genre]].
  2. Appearance of fans of [band]/[genre] is laughable do to piercings/tattoos/clothing/hair/odor. (pick as many as applicable).
  3. [Band that is cool to like] sucks.
  4. [Band that is uncool to like] is cooler than [band that is cool to like].
  5. I am so tired of  [only recently popular band.]

I haven’t checked them for length in Twitter yet and I know I need way more than 5. Still, I think these have tremendous potential. I could Tweet them as-is for awesome passive-aggressive swipes at people who say things I don’t like. Filling in the bracketed words, I can use them to “troll” on message boards and blog comment threads. With some effort I might even be able to discuss them in enough depth to create full-fledged posts. This is an idea that is going somewhere.

Normally I like to do reviews. Lately it seems like a lot of the stuff I am getting is bad though. This makes me sad. I am sad about this for a number of reasons. The first is that I like it better when stuff is good than when it is bad. The second is that 99% of the time, it is something that I paid for. *

Let’s do one now.

Mermen – In God We Trust

The Mermen are one of my top, favorite bands. I hold a large reserve of love for them. Seeing them play to 14 people during their last tour 10 years ago is one of my all time show highlights. They just killed it.

You know, all these album reviews are about me and my relation to the music, because that’s really all there is. This album has a lot in common with the last Jucifer album, in that after getting basically the same thing and loving it from a band for years, when they decide to do something different it throws me so badly that I don’t like the album even while acknowledging it’s quality.

This is the deal here. This is way less traditional surf moves than any previous Mermen album and more like… epic, psychedelic, raga-influenced, long-running (like 11 minutes long) guitar-god type stuff. See, that sounds good. It is good. I just… don’t like it. It’s even now. I’ll like it a lot in a year. Right now I want more tremolo picking. Still. I am glad that they put a new album out. It has been 10 years.

I have my copy of Douglas Quinn’s Fathom. I will do a stand alone review for that later in the week.

I have invented another new musical genre, or sub-genre if you will. It is called soul metal. I Tweeted about this. If you do not follow us on Twitter, I forgive you, but please do so. The concept behind soul metal is taking some baby-I-love-your-way-core,  like Killswitch Engage, and replacing the sensitive dude vocals with some soul-style female backup vocals. The Rolling Stones did this with rock and roll back in the day. (Gimme Shelter) I actually think this would be completely and totally awesome. This is music I wish existed. If I had any musical ability at all, I would try to make this happen. As it is, if you read this and go ‘damn yeah!’ and form a soul metal band, let me know, I’ll do all your art for free.

Have a great Monday.

– Jayson

*wearing mascara/sounding like Guns n’ Roses without having any fans old enough to know that band/best selling record in the Hot Topic Exclusive Release category/showing up at the Revolver Golden God Awards**
*Thank you to Grim Kim for putting us on the Catharsis PR list & thank you to Earjerk Records for the promo tapes.

** I do not like this band.


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