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Friday by Jayson

It could safely be called a bad week in music.

Dio’s falsely reported death, then reported life, then correctly reported death hours later made the passing of the legend just that much harder.

Isis broke up, which to be brutally honest, meant more to me personally than Dio’s death. In the minority there, I’m sure, but that it how it is.

Justin Foley of the Austerity Program wrote a really excellent tribute to them.

There is one thing that we should all take away from this, regardless of what music you like and don’t like. Go see your favorite bands. When they’re suddenly not there anymore and you realize that, one of the first things you’ll think is going to be either ‘At least I got to see them.’ or ‘Oh no, I never got to see them.’ Having caught them at least once is going to be a huge comfort in the face of the overwhelming disappointment you’re looking at if you never did, and now never can.

I was lucky enough to see Dio, and I’ve seen Isis a bunch. Their farewell tour is for sucks though. There are no dates in the Midwest. Not even in Chicago. I’d have to go to Philly to catch it, which is unlikely.

The Rolling Stones reissued Exile On Main St. and Pitchfork promptly dropped trou, giving it a 10/10. To which I say ‘No.’ Exile is a perfect album, and it always was. It is the ultimate realization of the Stones period of playing American roots music. It didn’t need to have anything done to it, much less having the vocals “cleaned up” or any remastering. I’ve said before that I do not like reissues and I hate even the concept of this version of Exile. I don’t care if this thing comes with 200 hours of bonus material and a golden ticket that let’s me go back in time to 1966 and screw Marianne Faithfull, I’m not buyin’ it.

Jason posting that one Mos Def mashup has made me realize I don’t like Mos. He is an artist I am supposed to like, but I can’t find it. He is fast. That is all I can say for him. He is just not as good as everyone makes him out to be. I was listening to some Kool Keith this week and Keith dropped the line “ass and titties, hundreds and fitties.” Mos Def will never write anything that good. Loved him in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy though.

I got my Dietpills/Dead in the Woods split. AWESOME. Dead in the Woods are the best sludge metal band you never heard of. You should fix that.

Digital Underground put out The Greenlight EP. This is an odds and ends thing, but it’s still Digital Underground. Shock G is the best. As of this writing, it’s still pretty cheap on Amie St. Peace and Humptiness forever.

Sgt. D is writing about WSM again. I don’t know what’s worse. How terrible that stuff is or how much it’s grown on me. Slamz.

We’re back to looking at moving to a locally hosted version of WordPress. Mostly because we can’t embed any videos from anyplace but Youtube.

RZA should have his own show, really.

Don’t Front. West side.

Elise made me watch Troll 2.

We still don’t have any idea of what the co-branded Lady Gaga/Polaroid products are. How much longer do I have wait?

That’s was the week.

– Jayson


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You should start reviewing Pitchfork album reviews in the perspective of a Pitchfork editor. Don’t review the album at all. Review their review of the album based on the preconceived notions that they are huge dicks.

And I do kind of agree with you on the Mos part. I like Mos Def, but you are right, he will never write something as great as Ass & Titties by DJ Assault. That song makes my day every time.

Comment by Eli Gundry

The new Exodus CD is good at least! Helps to cushion the blow of losing Dio and Isis in the same week. Must see Maiden soon…

Comment by patrick.

Thursday, July 15 at Blossom. We can go, you’ll just have to wake me up when Dream Theater are done.

Comment by Jayson

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