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Review: LCD Soundsystem-This is Happening by jason
May 20, 2010, 4:53 pm
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LCD Soundsystem-This is Happening. DFA/Virgin, 2010.

I wish I listened to more LCD Soundsystem. I really liked “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” from 2005’s self-titled album. They’re a group that sounds like they are having fun making music to have fun to, and in that, This is Happening follows suit.

It’s kind of a strange thing, though. While LCDS are making, primarily, dance music, they let their songs go on, often for 7-10 minutes. For instance, “Dance Yrself Clean” is nine minutes long, and the first three of those minutes sound like a Talking Heads homage.

As pretentious as that sounds, these guys are half-joking the whole time, as “Drunk Girls” makes obvious.

This is not an album I would sit down to listen to…it’s just not that kind of album. If I were throwing a party, I’d play this in the background. If I were out where dancing was happening (I can’t dance myself), I’d request “Drunk Girls” or “Pow Pow.” If I were at a hipster bar, where I’m sure this would be in the jukebox, I’d play “Dance Yrself Clean,” or “You Wanted a Hit.”

In This is Happening, LCD Soundsytem have created an album that is an excellent listen, as long as you’re doing something else at the time, and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s less of an album and more of an activity enhancer, which I think is exactly what they were going for.



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Told you it was awesome. But, as much as I love this album, Sound of Silver is just a bit better.

Comment by Eli Gundry

And where can I find a hipster bar? Is there a cover charge if I’m not wearing ironic vintage clothing/tight pants/kiss a dude?

Comment by Eli Gundry

Try the Zephyr in Kent…while you don’t HAVE to kiss a dude, it is strongly encouraged. (Note to…well, anyone: This isn’t me trying to make fun of homosexuals…If you’ve been to the Zephyr, you know what I’m talking about.)

Comment by jason

I just read a review on Yelp:

People who were really cool went here. If you didn’t wear nut huggers you would get looked at crazy.</blockquote

Fond memories Jason?

Comment by Eli Gundry

You can try the Cav du Vin in Cleveland Heights, if you’re up that way.

Comment by Jayson

Maybe when I’m 21/a millionaire. 6 dollars for a cheese plate!?

Though it does appear that they have a good selection of alcohol. Is there live music there?

Comment by Eli Gundry

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