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Who wants to be our friend? by Jayson
May 19, 2010, 10:04 am
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So, the MySpace action is dead. That’s ok because bands are following us on Twitter, we remain awesome. Since I constitute roughly 80% of our Tweets I will take 100% of the credit here.

Or we did. I think since we didn’t immediately follow these bands back,  some  of  them unfollowed us, which is sort of hilarious when you think about it. Thanks guys.

Cars & Trains
electronic-folk toy-instrument live-looping craziness a la the microphones, tunng, psapp, múm. -via the official site.

You know, I am not opposed to the folktronica. I have three Books albums, which I really enjoy. In the modern vernacular, I find it ironic* that I am going back to MySpace (where I have linked) to listen to complete songs to get a better handle on the sound here, because homeboy has 20 second samples on his page. To break this down, this is some good indie-folk busted over top of some real Books-type quirky-but-structured music with a lot of clicks, some toy xylophone and the like. This is really good, I give it the nod.
Follow back: Well. To be real. This dude followed us on the 12th. I checked our followers to write on the evening of the 17th. So homeboy couldn’t just hang in there and wrote us off. I’ll get back to this.
Buy: Yeah. I really like this. I’d buy it. I probably will when I am flush with cash.

Tramped by Turtles

Well, this is one of those deals which is a decider. Banjos. You either like ’em or think “Oh shit, paddle faster.” In the vein of some of our other great, credibility destroying admissions; I like on some banjos. We got fiddles up in here as well. This really is what it is. You are either going to really like this or stop playing it after 3 seconds. I consider this kind of music a good music of basic dudes. These guys are really good, like damn good. I am on the ‘I really like this’ side of the fence.
Follow back: Hell yes.
Buy: Hell yes.

The Silver Pesos
Alternative/Dub/Electronica – again from their MySpace, their Twitter profile says ‘A band from Los Angeles.’ So was FEAR.

I don’t know a lot about dub. When someone says dub, I think of like, Jamaican dub. The Silver Pesos don’t sound like that. If someone wants to explain to me how the rhythm is structured the same way I’ll likely say ‘sure.’ What the Silver Pesos sound like, to me, is more of a synthpop thing a la New Order’s Get Ready with bit of trip-hop (remember trip-hop?) in the mix for good measure. This is one of those deals where the production is flawless and the singing is solid and I am just not into it. It bores me. Someone else may be into it.

Follow back: No.
Buy: No.

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra
an eclectic mix of original and traditional bluegrass-edged tunes with jazz and world/fusion elements – from their official bio

This is about like someone asking me if I want a peanut butter,  jalapeno and coconut sandwich. I like peanut butter and I like jalapeno, but I don’t think they’re the two great tastes that taste great together; and I hate coconuts. Of the 5 songs I listened to, 4 were really good. The very first one sounded like coconuts jam band stuff, which I don’t like. The others managed to make the bluegrass/jazz/raga thing work well. I didn’t listen to the whole thing. So maybe the sammich analogy isn’t so good.
Follow back: Sure.
Buy: Yeah.

I/we are bad at Twitter. I think this is my basic problem: I don’t want to read a lot of Tweets, but we want to increase our followers. I sit around with Tweetdeck open all day, already I feel inundated by the five or six music news sites we follow that shoot out about 20 tweets a day. There are only a handful of other blogs/people on Twitter that are interesting enough that I want to read their Tweets. Most of them get mentioned when we do Follow Friday. Also, while we are a small potatoes blog, we are honestly not going to rush to talk about any band that tries to get our attention unless they are super good, someone we really like already, or are huge. That’s life. I personally have been known to ‘save stuff for later’ because I might be too busy to blog about something topical. I guess we should reciprocally follow everyone and filter them out going forward.

Wait, wait. Someone wants to be my pal on MySpace.

Uh huh.

Powerpop, R&B, Melodramtic Popular Song
Man. What do I even say here? This is because I friended Nena and a bunch of German doom metal bands. Fun Fact: while German citizens, the sisters were born in Romania and are also known as Dracula’s Girls. BILD says: “Indiggo -firework full of life, erotism and talent.” Yeah, definitely. Ok, now that I’ve punched myself in the crotch a few times and regained my objectivity, I can say the following. There are only two songs on MySpace, they don’t seem to have an actual record, so that is kind of a thing. A not enough songs to decide much about them kinda thing. Also, the two there really do seem to be embracing the concept of melodrama, which I am way less into than Nena or Girls’ Generation style pop.

Still based on their America’s Got Talent appearance, it was hard for me not to like them, even though they kinda butcher their song.

Hasslehoff makes me want to kill myself though.

Friend: Sure.
Buy: I dunno.

– Jayson

* I know that’s not what irony means.


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Indiggity-dooda was probably the third worst thing I’ve seen this year. Second being Shiragirl, and first being The Hoff in the above clip. Come on, Dogg… Knight Rider ruled. Don’t blow it.

Comment by patrick.

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