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Isis call it a day. by Jayson
May 18, 2010, 9:49 pm
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Well, this is one of those things.

One one hand I completely respect their desire to quit before the music got bad and the concept that they had done everything they wanted to do as a unit, it still represents for me what is a ‘major bummer.’

Hearing Isis for the first time was one of those pivotal moments for me as a music fan. They opened up whole new worlds for me, any of the post-rock, post-metal, ambient instrumental stuff I love today I probably never would have heard of without first hearing Isis. Definitely one of the great formative bands for me.

So on the other hand I am sad to see them go. I have a genuine love for their music.

– Jayson

Here are two of what I consider their better songs, if you’re reading this and wondering what the big deal was.


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Dang, that’s bunk.

Comment by ymatto

The bunk is their last tour isn’t even stopping in the Midwest. Not even in Chicago.

Comment by Jayson

I am happy I got to see them, though. Even though they aren’t in my specialized genre, they completely rule.

Comment by patrick.

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