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America’s Lusty, Lively Beer by Jayson


the future Mrs. Jayson

So. In an continuing but sporadic effort to get rid of the huge amount of stuff in my parents house I’ve been going through some old clothes and just finding hell of band shirts. The only thing remarkable about that is how many of these are for bands I never really bought a CD from. It’s like I just went and bought the shirt as a wearable post-it note that I should remember to check out so-and-so.

Using my skill with computers, I’ve been doing that lately, and I think I have basically confirmed something I had suspected for a while… I had the beermuffs on during a lot of these shows.

Now, in the nascent days of hipsterism, when people were wearing trucker hats and talking about white trash chic, the kids had just begun to turn an honest beer into a symbol of dumb kids trying to hard. The real heroes, like myself, weren’t drinking PBR, we were drinking Carling Black Label. An honest beer of alcoholics, people without taste buds and the genuinely cheap and/or broke. It was only 50 cents a can.

So uh… Sorry About Dresden, Black Halos, Hope Conspiracy… the 4-5 cans I had at your shows made you sound awesome, but that is all it was.

I am so sad that there is no more Black Label to be had in the USA.

– Jayson


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