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Who wants to be my friend? by Jayson
May 12, 2010, 9:59 am
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There has been some talk lately about how Band Camp and Reverb Nation are much better online portals for music. Someone needs to tell Google, because just tossing a band’s name in the Goog has MySpace results on top…

Let’s do this.

TSI are busting a non-traditional MySpace layout, but they sent me a message saying: “Classic Rock Mag says, “If you’re looking for a new favorite band, I may have found it. ” Download “Radical” FREE and see if this is NYC’s best band”

Not bad, but TSI is not going to be my new favorite band. Here is the thing. These guys are pretty good, but somehow their songs lack the “punch” that I associate with really great hard rock like AC/DC or Van Halen. It’s not energetic enough somehow. I have this feeling that they would be really good live though, sometimes the studio stuff is more restrained than the live show.
Friend: Sure.
Buy: Maybe after seeing them live and having a few beers.


Hrm… Not really feeling this. This reminds me of back in 1995 when band’s were still ‘alternative’ but really sounded like generic hard rock with serious lyrics. This is another one of those deals where the band is quite talented but I am not liking what they chose to do with their talent. I cannot get behind this. Someone who is thinking ‘Late era alternative? Excellent!!!!’ should buy this. These guys also have songs that are like a more watered-down Perfect Circle, if that is your thing. Since A Perfect Circle was Tool Lite, these guys can be Tool Ultra. Like Tool but with only 85 calories.
Friend: No.
Buy: No.

And… oh no, don’t nobody like me anymore. Well, let’s switch it up a bit and look at some of the bands I friended. I still do that. MySpace is just like… a big Excel spreadsheet of bands for me.


This is it right here. This band sounds like you took the best parts of Dead Meadow and The Devil’s Blood and made a band that sounded like that. If you don’t listen to either, what it is is gloomy, stonery rock with a lady with great pipes singing. I think I’d actually rather listen to this than the bands I think they kinda sound like. Uzala doesn’t have the annoying vocals of Dead Meadow or the total corniness of The Devil’s Blood.
Friend: Yes.
Buy: As soon as their tape is out.

Souvenir’s Young America

This is also super good. If you read us on any kind of regular basis you know that the words experimental and ambient straight poke the pleasure centers of my brain. When I see that kind of a description it is easily as exciting for me as monster trucks and naked ladies are. This band has left me realizing that there is a giant, harmonica shaped hole in my life. Seriously.  This isn’t to pick nits with any other experimental-ambient and/or post-rock bands, but the way SYA includes harmonica is one of the most creative ideas I have heard in the genre in years. It’s totally natural and appropriate sounding, it’s not just like ‘throw some harmonica in there.’ I haven’t been this excited since I first heard The Red Sparowes using steel guitar.
Friend: Yes.
Buy: Hell damn yes.

– Jayson


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