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What I’m listening to by jason

This past week, I’ve mostly been lying in silence, listening to the fever-induced hallucinations that floated around my head. When I was lucid enough to enjoy music, I listened to a few things.

I love the album Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs. It’s one of those things where I never bought another Andrew Bird album because I can’t imagine him making a better album. “It’s so good I never bought another of his albums” doesn’t sound like a stirring endorsement, but believe me, this album is brilliant. If you don’t like it, I think there might actually be something wrong with you. Go to the doctor and get that checked out.

I had my Pandora “jaynova’s Twee as F**K radio” on, and it started off with “Like U Crazy,” from the album Bring it Back I love this video, and the song is great, too.

And now…your weekly dose of Darnielle.



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I’ll let you know what the doctor says after I get checked out for not liking Andrew Bird. However, ‘Fake Palindromes’ is an awesome song title.

Comment by patrick.

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