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Review: Deftones – Diamond Eyes by Jayson
May 12, 2010, 2:57 pm
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Ok, yeah.

Before I review this, I want to State My Position, you know, historically.

  • Adrenaline – I loved this in the day. I still think it is some decent now.
  • Around the Fur – I loved this in the day and love it now, genius masterpiece.
  • White Pony – I loved this wholly in the day and still like the majority of it.
  • Deftones – Hrm, yeah, this isn’t so good. It’s got a few ok tunes.
  • Saturday Night Wrist – Yeah, this was crushingly mediocre except for KimDracula.

And now you know. So here we have Diamond Eyes. Yeah… This album is no good. Just plain and simple. Looking back in time, now I wish the Deftones had never made White Pony; since it ruined them. It is a shame, since that album was really good. It stands as one of the few stylistic departures that really worked well and it also brought in some extra hilarity, when Fred Durst started rocking Smiths t-shirts and talking about how we was always a sensitive dude.* But yeah… the injection of white hot wuss into the mix was crippling. That was all the Deftones had in them, and every subsequent album has been a very weak, watered down effort by the soft-n-smooth version of the band that made White Pony. And this is where I’ve had it. Three albums waiting for them to return to form is two too many. Now, I don’t want to imply that this is bad like, Shiragirl bad, but it’s another weak effort. It’s all very soft and mid-tempo and Chino is crooning and it doesn’t feel like anyone in the band cares about the songs their playing, but they’re playing them anyway. This doesn’t make me want to get up or get down. It makes me wish I hadn’t paid $14 for it.

– Jayson

* We love you for you Fred, you didn’t have to change for us.


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The writing was on the wall for me when they released ‘White Pony’. It was like Metallica releasing their Black Album: still pretty good but uh… losing all the aspects of what made me really like the band. Then they released a bunch of stinky beer farts and put it all on cds. Chino and crew apparently thought that was a good buisness plan (well, I guess it was: Metallica made a SHITE-load of money).

I guess to sum it up, I need to quote Nathan Explosion: “Although we don’t feel this is the right thing to do artistically, we do believe it’s the right thing to do financially.”

Comment by patrick.

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