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Firday Friday by Jayson

Friday is the end of the week.

This is basically it for the craziness that hasn’t really kept us from blogging that much after all. I think we actually held up pretty well. Of course, we’re down to like five readers now. Hey out there, it’s ok to come back. Things didn’t fall apart as much as we thought.

Limp Bizkit have a new song,  it is not as good as Rollin.’ C’mon, the Undertaker used to use that as his entrance music.

Korn have a new song, it is nowhere near as good as Kick the PA.

None of those songs are as good as Trust Co.’s Downfall.

Because it is the greatest song ever written. Early 00’s angst rock > nu-metal. To insist otherwise is ridiculous.

One of my fav metal bands, Dead in the Woods, finally have something you can buy in the USA.  They have a split with Diet Pills on Black Box Recordings. I got mine ordered.

Two bands want to be my friends, but I don’t like either, would neither buy nor friend them and just don’t feel like getting into it. It’s just not worth the effort.

Get Busy Committee haven’t called yet. I don’t know when that is going down. They are touring now, so maybe not for a while. Or maybe when they get to my area code? Hard to say. I am looking forward to getting the single, anyway.

It was unofficially Earjerk Records week here. There is another tape to go, but we’re saving it for later. I feel like I have plumbed the depths of the bleeding edge of ambient/drone and I loved it. This is the first time I have listened to tapes at all in at least 8 years. It was a weird thing. I couldn’t even remember which way the tape went. After eight years without analog hiss, it was like ‘Damn, yo. This is loud.’ That is an actual quote. I ended up going with an cheap Walkman, instead of that other thing I wanted so the audio quality is basically questionable. There is nothing in the way of “affordable” semi-audiophile tape hardware out there, and what there is, is used stuff. Turntables, you can go shake a tree and they’ll fall out. Tape decks? Not even close.

I have seen the Iron Man 2. There is just hell of AC/DC. Not that it’s a bad thing. There is also a fight where DJ AM is doing a Daft Punk mix. Seriously.

– Jayson


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