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Review: Gloominous Doom – The Feature by Jayson
April 30, 2010, 11:04 am
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Ok, let’s get this out of the way. I do not really like reggae. I may actually hate ska, I am pretty sure that is true.

That being said, having checked out the Portal Potty video when that debuted, I didn’t realize that being a ska-reggae-thrash-death hybrid band was this band’s thing. I just didn’t really pick up that I was being ska’d. I’d say a big part of that is the lack of a horn section. That being said, there is ska here, it is happening. Listen to the whole album and you will that ska breakdown thing. I will say that it’s not a huge deal for a ska hater, as the band really sounds more like a metal band with ska influences than the other way around. If anything, it’s the death metal part of the equation that dominates.

All of that having been said. I am glad there are bands like this and this band specifically is doing it’s own thing. There are a lot of folks out there who are really dogmatic about what metal is what it isn’t. These guys sound like they utterly don’t give a shit about that, and they shouldn’t. I’ve always thought one of the great things about metal as a whole, is it’s flexibility. Gloominous Doom are doing what they want.

I’m also glad they are not a super serious band. There is nothing wrong with just being awesome. It’s not being stupid, or being immature, it’s being awesome. Fun is ok. Gloominous Doom are a fun band. They’re not the best thing I’ve ever heard, or my new favorite band, but I have a keen appreciation for what they’re doing.

– Jayson

Gloominous Doom – The Feature is out on DRP Records. Available here.

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