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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera by jason

I’ve recently been told by several readers that I know in meatspace that “Any Asshole” is one of their favorite things we do on this blog. Thanks! We like it too!

For new readers, and I think we may have picked up a few in the last couple of weeks, the purpose of this feature is to show how awesome the Internet is in its ability to give any asshole with a guitar and a camera an audience.

So…moving right along…

I really like the New Order song “Love Vigilantes.” Like, that and “Bizarre Love Triangle” are my two favorite NO songs. So you can imagine that I was pretty excited when I found out that Iron & Wine, who are (is?) awesome in their (his?) own right was doing a cover of the song. RockCairn must have liked it, too, because here’s his cover of the cover. It’s a cover cover.

Here’s Spikedvff doing a pretty rocking cover of the Foo Fighters’ “My Hero.” The dude really likes Ghostbusters. I’m just sayin.

When I do karaoke, I usually bust out my rendition of “Street Spirit (Fade Out),” partially because it’s awesome, but mostly because I’m awesome. That said, alittledreamer’s rendition is pretty awesome, too. We can all be awesome together.

And finally, here’s a thing to prove my hypothesis on any asshole with a guitar and a camera getting an audience.

Apparently, a record executive saw this video, and BOOM! The internet can’t shut up about him. Any asshole with a guitar and a video camera CAN get an audience. FACT.



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