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Review: Fang Island – self titled by Jayson
April 23, 2010, 1:04 pm
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Way back in the day, in art school, one of the inside jokes I shared with my peer group was a really bad Danzig impression. Think of him going for the high note. “GOOOODDLESSSSSS!!!!! YEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” on Godless from Danzig II. (or whatever follows him yelling godless, who cares.)

When we got to the show last Sunday and I saw various members of Fang Island and the fans I assumed came to see them, I had to bite back the urge to start singing “TIIIIIGHT PAAAAAANTTSSSS!” in the Danzig voice. I write this so you understand my position.

Moving past that though, the Fang Island album is really, really good. In fact, I found it basically impossible not to like it. Fang Island sounds like the best parts of the Beach Boys, Polyphonic Spree and Lighting Bolt if you put them all in a blender. You have the sunniness of the Beach Boys, the choral style vocals of the Spree (and Beach Boys choruses) and some of the same spastic guitars as Lightning Bolt.

Not to say it’s derivative. It’s just like, it’s happens to remind me of some of the best parts of other bands I like. I’d even go so far as to say their sound takes those best parts, dispenses with the more obnoxious parts of the aforementioned and throws some guitar solos and organ into the mix. Again, it is basically impossible not to smile when listening to these guys. All that feel good hit of the summer stuff I’ve said in other posts mentioning them is true, it’s a whole album of that.

I’m totally for some unironic positiveness.

And hey, their bio says they formed at RISD, they know about weird art school in jokes. They can all Danzig a ‘NEEEEECK BEEEEAAAAARRRRRD!’ at me if they ever run into me.

– Jayson


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