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Review: Kaki King-Junior by jason
April 16, 2010, 5:40 pm
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Kaki King-Junior.

As I said earlier on this blog, I first heard Kaki King on her collaboration with the Mountain Goats, the Black Pear Tree EP. She doesn’t sing much on that EP, but her guitar skills come though, and she is awesome. So I was pretty excited to see that Junior came out this week.

Unlike her previous releases, this album seems to focus more on King as a songwriter and less on King as a guitarist. That is to say, except on the few instrumental pieces, the guitars don’t stand out as much as they become a part of the whole. This isn’t a bad thing, per se, but King is such an amazing guitarist that it seems a shame to shy away from that.

That said, King is a great songwriter. I’m still deciding if this is a concept album about a break up, or if it is just an album with break up songs. Either way, it’s pretty awesome. Junior may be a break up album, but it is not mopey. Angry, maybe vindictive, but not mopey. And that’s a good thing, because, really, who wants to hear Kaki King mope when she can rock?

The highlights here are the opening track, “The Betrayer,” “Falling Day,” and “The Hoopers of Hudsbeth,” as well as the instrumental “My Nerves That Committed Suicide.” All of these songs are good, though. The Deluxe edition also comes with a DVD featuring 5 music videos and a 1/2 hour performance, which is worth the price of the CD by itself, as Kaki’s just as impressive to watch as she is to listen to. Also, the video makes it obvious that she’s Tegan and Sara’s long lost triplet. Like, they should get together to fight crime or pick up girls or something. It would be epic.

The only real complaint I have is the lack of a booklet. Lyrics would have been nice, or at least behind the scenes pictures. It’s a small complaint, though, compared to the rest of the awesome that Kaki’s bringing.



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[…] I’ve said in my review of King’s newest album, Junior, King is at her best when she is not trying to write catchy pop songs. That is to say, she writes […]

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yeah. this album is about a breakup. 😀

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