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RIP Peter Steele by Jayson
April 15, 2010, 10:01 am
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Last night I was watching the reports of Peter Steele death on Twitter. A lot of people were calling Chuck Biscuits on it. Right now, this morning, Metal Sucks is confirming it via some radio station in NYC. Seems legit, but they were also the ones that reported on Chuck Biscuits death and that was a hoax.

Neither of us here are huge Type O Negative or Carnivore fans, but I appreciated what that guy did. He was a great humorist. I always got a big laugh from his lyrics and a bigger one from his fans; most of whom I encountered were super serious goths. Like Morrisey, Peter proved that goths hear music the the way dogs hear people’s voices.

So, RIP if you’re actually dead Pete, if not, we’ll just save that for later because we’ll all die someday, and you’ll probably die before us, if you didn’t already.

Update: He’s really dead, so RIP for real. I kinda wish I hadn’t sold my copy of Bloody Kisses now.

– Jayson


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