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Any Asshole with an Electric Guitar and a Camera by jason

Earlier today, Jayson posted some shredding videos for Any Asshole. You may have noticed that I usually post acoustic stuff, and for 2 good reasons:

1)Most electric guitar covers have a “backing track”, usually the original work. That irritates me, but it clears up the second problem, which is:

2)Electric guitars sound hollow without at least a drum kit, if not bass, behind them.

That said, today’s “Any Asshole” is all about electric guitars.

Funtwo was, at one time, an internet phenomenon. His videos captured the hearts and minds of the internet geek masses the same way that “All Your Base are Belong to Us” did. Maybe it was the fact that you could almost see his face, which made him a mystery. Or, maybe, it was just because he rocks. Anyway, there he is, playing Pachelbel’s Canon.

The second electric asshole this week is matzchase, playing guitar along with Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop,” which, unlike the Vapors’ “Turning Japanese,” actually is about masturbation. Female masturbation at that. But before this gets weird, I’m just going to let matzchase rock out.

I’ll admit that I really like Daft Punk. “Aerodynamic” is one of my favorite songs off of Discovery. 666Fireburn666 seems to like it too, and he does a pretty rocking guitar solo to it.

And finally, as a bonus asshole, here is Josh Kikta Thelander, whose name, for an American, predestined him to rock, methinks. Seriously, I think his mother may have been a Viking and his father, Odin. Of course, if he lived in Sweden or something, no one would look twice at that name. Anyway, he’s just kind of rocking out here…I’m out of my musical element, so if he’s covering anything, I don’t know it.

And that’s it for our electric assholes today. Come back next week for more assholes!


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