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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera: Shredding Edition by Jayson
April 15, 2010, 1:54 pm
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As Jason said we’re really busy. I am totally going to steal his thunder and take over his feature for the moment. I make few apologies, I am a dick.

Usually this is where Jason explains the use of his terminology is meant to be reflective of a populist urge, not a term of disrespect, but fuck all that.

This is all the same chick. Actually, after showing my pal these videos he said it was a dude in a dress. After thinking about it a few minutes. I gave it 50/50 odds. After showing him this person’s homepage, he is certain it’s a crossdresser.

Him: That’s a crossdresser.
Me: For sure?
Him: I wouldn’t go to bed with it expecting a vagina.

I’m sticking with 50/50. The first time I saw Melt Banana, some lady in front of me who didn’t know anything about the band looked at Yakko, the lead singer, and said “That is either a really cute girl or a really cute boy.” I don’t care. Shredding is as shredding does. And, as Guitar Wolf taught us in Wild Zero, specific genitalia aren’t important anyway. At least for Guitar Wolf. Only Jeffree Starr knows for sure.

– Jayson

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Very nice!! I don’t really care one way or another if it’s a boy or girl. The fact that s/he can wear a lolita dress and over-the-knee socks while rocking out like that gets my respect. One question though…what the hell is that yellowish thing in the shot? Is it a faded plush potato or a giant discolored Peep?

Comment by Beth

I’m going with giant peep.

Comment by Jayson

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