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Monday morning. by Jayson

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I resemble this remark.

I was stuck inside the house all weekend. I got some normal life things done, but really being stuck, it got kind of weird.

I spent a good chunk of the time reading Twitter posts as they came in. I’ve constructed a little music-blog-universe here and it got sort of fascinating there for a bit. It was funny to watch someone Tweet about how that band sucks, only to see a Tweet later on about how that band was rad and the band the first person liked sucked. If my student copy of Office had come with Visio I’d have made a flowchart.

Hipsters came up a few times, again. They’re just another permanent subculture now. Another walking corpse. We should be glad of them, though. I did like them better nine or so years ago, when all the girls had Joan Jett’s hair sytle. Billy Hopeless and I both agreed that we thought she looked great back then, it was right when she cut her hair really short. Except the girls had her ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me’ style. Neither one of us bought that one issue of The Advocate though.

ICP did a thing again and we all dutifully laughed. It really was actually funny though, it always is. ICP though, those guys are the torchbearers of both the American Dream and the Punk Rock Ethos. They’re doing it Their Way. The whole thing, just them doing it. If Ian MacKaye didn’t hate fun, Fugazi could have been ICP. It’s a weird and terrible thing to confront, but there it is; it’ll be ok. We should be glad of the Juggalos too.

I would have pretty much forgotten metal existed by mid-Saturday if not for Coffinworm. I have listened to Close Calls With Brick Walls about 30 times now and Good Morning, Magpie about 10.

I think a thing is happening or has happened with stoner rock. Someone please write me and explain our Official Position as It Currently Stands?


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Dang, about all I did was fix a fence.

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