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The Bargain Bin by jason
April 11, 2010, 7:02 pm
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Well, I usually post these things on Friday, but my apartment building was crazy, what with the police pulling a dead body out of my building and all. That’s life in the ghetto for ya.

Anyway, this week’s Bargain Bin will use the jaynova’s Bargain Bin algorithm, which involves me listening to each album in my ghetto-ass apartment while counting how many gunshots ring out, as gunshots are apt to do.

OK…let’s do this.

Cold War Kids-Loyalty to Loyalty.
I know I say this every time I do one of these things, but while I had head of this band before, I first heard their music on Daytrotter, and I really liked it, so I was happy to find Loyalty to Loyalty in the bargain bin at the Exchange.

Cold War Kids have an interesting sound…it’s kind of an indie-rock-meets-soul thing. For the most part, I can’t really compare it to anyone else, though “Avalanche in B” sounds a little like Radiohead. The highlights here are “There is Something Not Right With Me,” “Every Man I Fall For,” and “Welcome to the Occupation,” though I like just about every song. Another cool thing about the copy of Loyalty to Loyalty is that it came with the documentary 02.08 to 06.08. Not a bad package for $5.00!

So how do I rate it? Well, while listening to this one, gunshots rang out like about 8 bells. I will listen to this one again, once the violence settles, and I would have been happy with it if had gotten it for full price.

Here’s the video for “Something is Not Right With Me.” You enjoy this while I go find my Kevlar vest.

Dethklok-Dethalbum II
For those of you who don’t know, I love concept albums. Another thing I like is the Concept Band, which is what Dethklok is.

Dethklok are, of course, the fictitious band in the show Metalocalypse. To be honest, I don’t usually listen to this type of music…it’s closer to what Jayson listens to. That said, I also have Dethklok’s first Dethalbum. Again, I’m a sucker for concepts.

Anyway, though I’m not a fan of this type of music, it is a good “soundtrack” for when I’m playing Dungeons and Dragons Online streetfighting. I listened to this one while I was otherwise occupied, so I don’t know which one is which on the track listings I’m basically a failure on this one. I also should say that I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first one, but that might be because I’ve only seen the 1st season of the show, which is where the music from the 1st album is from. Maybe after I see season 2, this one will grow on me.

How does it rate? Well, luckily, I’m wearing my vest, because I just took 7.5 shots through my window. It’s a pretty good album, and as I said, it’s good background music for when I’m generally being awesome. Here, listen to “The Gears” while I return fire.



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Man… music, you know? Cold War Kids… The vocals are the indie rock equivalent of the death growl. Having been successful and fresh at one point we’re now at the point where, being mandatory, they’re as generic, boring and stale as said death growl.

Comment by Jayson

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