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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera by jason

So, I’m looking around YouTube for “assholes,” and I’m reminded of just how bad I suck. Like, I’ve been strumming my guitar for about 17 years, and I’m just not good. So when I see these guys and gals on the YouTubes, it makes me want to A) take guitar lessons, or B) Give up. I’ll probably choose option C), which is keep doing what I’m doing and suck.

Anyway, the first “asshole” for today is Dustin Prinz, who is doing this completely awesome cover of Gorillaz’s “Feel Good, Inc.” I wish I could play this song. Heh heh…he said “chocolate attack.”

Next up is mangothebear covering one of my favorite Belle & Sebastian songs, “The State I Am In.” He does a pretty good job of it, too. I’ve tried to learn this song, but I screw it up every time. He doesn’t, though, so listen.

And finally, here is sangretaina1986 covering Murder By Death’s “Shiola.” She gives it a smoothness that, in all honesty, is probably not appropriate for the song. But she sounds good, and I like the way the smoothness sounds, so I’m posting it. I’ve never tried to play this song, though I sometimes play “Spring Break 1899” and “Brother.” No you can’t hear it. Anyway, here’s that cover of “Shiola.”



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Do you ever find anyone doing anything electric or does this have to be acoustic covers of indie rock?

Comment by Jayson

Maybe next time I’ll do “Any Asshole with an Electric Guitar”…I guess there’s nothing that says I can’t post people with electric guitars, I just think they sound kind of hollow without a drummer banging along with them.

Comment by jason


Comment by Jayson

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